The Capitol Centennial Commission K-12 Art and Essay Competition Winners

Wisconsin students were invited to take part in an art and essay contest to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Wisconsin State Capitol building. All entries were required to detail or symbolize the importance of the Capitol building and what it means to Wisconsin. Of those submissions, the following students were selected as winners for their grade. Winning entries will be recognized by the Governor and retained by the Wisconsin Historical Society. All entries received a certificate acknowledging the submitted work.

Winning entries will be displayed on the first floor of the State Capitol building November 9th to 30th. 

Winners of the Art Competition

Winning Entry Kindergarten009.JPG
​Kindergarten: Sonya
Hillcrest Primary School
​​1st Grade: Isabella
Hillcrest Primary School
 2nd Grade: Khloe
Hillcrest Primary School

​3rd Grade: Macy
Madison Elementary School
​4th Grade: Trent
Madison Elementary School
​5th Grade: Seneca
Madison Community Montessori School

​6th Grade: Maggie
St. John School
​7th Grade: Hope
Lodi Middle School
​8th Grade: Samantha
Washington Middle School

​10th Grade: Kasey
Christian Life School
12th Grade: Kassumy
Beloit Memorial High School
*No entries received for 9th and 11th grades

Winners of the Essay Competition (excerpts)

Essays 1st through 3rd.jpg
Essays 4th through 6th.jpg
Essays 7th through 12th.jpg
1st Grade: Connor
Winnequan Elementary
​4th Grade: Emma
Kettle Moraine Explore
​7th Grade: Colette
St James School
​2nd Grade; Savannah
Lake Mills Elementary
​5th Grade: Ada
Gaylord Nelson Educational Center
​8th Grade: Eden
St. James School
3rd Grade: Grace
Lake Mills Elementary
6th Grade: Lily
St. James School
11th Grade: Matthew
Onalaska High School

​12th Grade: Alyssa
Arrowhead Union High School
​*No entries received for 9th or 10th grades