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Wisconsin On-Line Business Services

These on-line tools make it easier for a business owner or a business starter to interact with WI State agencies. These tools save time, money, and effort for citizens as well as the state.

LocationOne Information System (LOIS)
This easy-to-use database will help you find available buildings, sites and communities in Wisconsin.

Business License, Permit, and Registration Services
Need to apply for a business license, permit, registration, or certification in Wisconsin? Search by Keyword or Category to find useful information such as requirements, fees, how to apply, and more.

License Lookup
Citizens and employers can verify the status of credentials for professionals and businesses licensed by numerous Wisconsin agencies. Scroll to the bottom of the linked page.

Corporate Registration Information System
CRIS database contains searchable information on business and nonprofit organizations registered with the Department of Financial Institutions.

Licensed Financial Service Search
View all Adjustment Service Companies, Currency Exchanges, Collection Agencies, Insurance Premium Finance Companies, Sellers of Checks.

Minority Business Search
Search a database of certified minority businesses by Keyword, Vendor Name, Commodity Description, or Commodity Code to view detailed contact information.

Minority-Owned Business Directory
The Bureau of Minority Business Development provides a database of certified minority-owned businesses. Minority businesses are encouraged to certify by contacting the bureau.

New Hire Reporting
All Wisconsin employers are required to report newly hired employees or employees returning to work after an unpaid absence of 90 days or more. Get information on how to report, report on-line, or get answers to questions about the New Hire program.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Quarterly Tax and Wage Reporting
Wisconsin employers are required to report wages for each employee and pay Unemployment Insurance taxes on a quarterly basis. Select File Tax and Wage Reports under EMPLOYER Services.

QuickStart LLC
Save money and time with QuickStart LLC, the online application for creating a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company.

Register Your Complaint to Small Business Regulatory Review Board
The Small Business Regulatory Review Board has the authority to review existing rules and guidelines of any state agency. The form below allows you to submit your concerns regarding any “unnecessarily burdensome” administrative rule or guidelines.

Regulatory Alert Email Subscription Service
The Regulatory Alert will provide you with updates on state administrative rules that are announced for public hearing and open for public comment.

UCC Lien Filings Database
DFI oversees the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and maintains the statewide database of UCC lien filings for secured transactions under Chapters 409 and 779 of Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Rules.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) New Employer Registration
Wisconsin employers must register with the Division of Unemployment Insurance for the payment of UI taxes. Select New Employer Registration under EMPLOYER Services.

Wisconsin Pollution Prevention Partnership

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