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Frequently Asked Questions
about the Website

Since is a new site, we are just beginning to compile Frequently Asked Questions about the website. We are compiling questions that come into the website, and will be posting your Frequently Asked Questions in the coming months.

What is is an easy-to-search, free-access web site designed to give you a centralized place to find information from Wisconsin government resources.

What part of Wisconsin government can I access through
All Wisconsin government information on the Internet will be available through The process of indexing this information is ongoing and agencies will continue to post information on the Internet.

How can help me?
When you need information from a branch of government in Wisconsin on a topic and you don't know how to find it, you can always start at You don't have to know what department or agency you need; will link you to the right one.

How do I use
Here are some ways to find information through
  1. Use the Search Box at the upper left-hand corner of the page to search all Wisconsin State Government web sites by keyword.
  2. Browse the Quick Links section.
  3. Click on one of Categories listed on top of every page.
For more search tips, click on the Help link located on every page.

What is the objective of's objective is to provide a free service, enabling the global community to easily and rapidly search Wisconsin State Government information that has been posted on the Internet. It offers an index of web-accessible government information to help you find what you need.

Should I bookmark the home page?
Yes. We encourage all visitors to bookmark or create a favorite in your web browser for the home page. The portal will be changing, evolving and growing, bringing you updates and relevant information about Wisconsin. We hope this will be your starting point for finding information about Wisconsin.

How do I contact the people who manage
Click the link to "Feedback" located at the top of each page, fill out the feedback box, and the web site management will get your comments.

Why create was created to save you time and take advantage of the simplicity and efficiency of the Internet. Most of the information you can find here has been on the Internet for a long time, but if you didn't know what you were looking for, or where to look, you couldn't find the answer to your question. Here you can find out which government office can address your concerns, and find direct links to relevant information.

What about privacy? Does the government know what I use to look for?
We will collect no personal information about you when you visit our web site unless you choose to provide that information to us. To learn more about the Wisconsin State Government Privacy Notice, click on the "Privacy Notice" link located at the bottom of each page.

What files and forms might I find while using
Some of the documents and forms you will find in the website and on other government websites are in Portable Document Format (PDF). These files are cross-platform documents, which ensure access to the files regardless of what computer program they were written in. In order to view PDF files however, users must first download the free Acrobat Reader software. This reader will allow you to view, navigate, and print PDF files. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the Acrobat Reader are located on the Adobe website at

What web browsers are compatible with
The graphics based version has been designed and tested to be compatible with the use of Netscape version 4 or higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or higher. For all other browser levels, our text-based version of has been designed to provide accessible content.

What about Modem speed and connectivity? has been designed to download as quickly as possible by users on modem connections to the Internet. Our pages are designed to be 600 pixels wide, to work within the minimum computer monitor screen size.

What are Error Messages telling me?
Occasionally, everyone browsing the Internet encounters error messages of one sort or another. We will try to explain a few of the more common ones, since the error messages are often hard to understand. Each Internet error message begins with a three-digit number:

  • 300 Series - Moved Permanently. This means the website address has changed from the one listed in Sometimes your browser will redirect to the new address automatically. If not, click on the new address shown. The editors at try hard to maintain accurate destination links, but occasionally, we miss one. If you encounter this error message on a link that you have followed from, we would appreciate it if you would let us know. You can inform us by using our Feedback form.

  • 400 Series - Not Found. This is the most common error, and it means the Internet cannot locate the requested resource. If you have typed your destination address, the most likely thing is that you have mistyped it somehow. Correct the address and try again. If you encounter this message while following a link from, again, please let us know, so we can fix it. You can inform us by using our Feedback form.

  • 500 Series - Service Unavailable. If you see this message, it means the computer that you need to communicate with to access the resource you want is too busy to handle your request at the moment. Wait a few moments and try again.